Updates: Bendigo Gold v Footscray Bulldogs

BENDIGO Gold tackles Footscray Bulldogs under the Queen Elizabeth Oval lights in Friday night's Victorian Football League clash.

Gold's confidence has risen after its performance against Essendon on Good Friday at the QEO

Final score: Footscray Bulldogs 33.16 (214) d Bendigo Gold 7.6 (48).

Fourth quarter Jase Perkins kicks an equal team-high fifth goal for Footscray. Dogs lead 208-47.

Fourth quarter Bendigo Gold Steven Stroobants intercepts pass across goal and snaps truly. Dogs lead 202-47 in 25th minute.

Fourth quarter Footscray Bulldogs reach 200 mark after goal by Brett Goodes. Dogs lead 200-41.

Fourth quarter Tyrone Downie kicks Gold's sixth goal of the match at 19 minute mark. Footscray leads 194-41.

Fourth quarter, 10-minute mark: Footscray Bulldogs lead 169-35.

A formidable Footscray line-up includes Brent Prismall, Brett Goodes, Clay Smith, Ayce Cordy, Mitch Wallis and Khmeton's Jack Redpath.

Fourth quarter: Footscray goals in less than 90 seconds through Alex Greenwood.

Three quarter-time: Footscray Bulldogs lead 25.9 (159) to 5.5 (35,).

The Dogs' run just kept on rolling as it scored seven unanswered goals before Gold replied through Daniel Toman.

Leading goal kickers for Footscray are Jason Johannisen, Jase Perkins, Christian Elliott on four apiece.

Kyneton's Jack Redpath has kicked three majors against an overworked Bendigo defence.

Third quarter: Daniel Toman kicks Bendigo Gold's fifth goal in 30th minute. Dofgs lead 153-35.

Third quarter: Footscray has scored seven unanswered goals in 24  minutes. Dogs lead 153-29 as the attack feasts on the dominance of a midfield led by Brett Goodes and Mitch Wallis.

Third quarter: Kyneton's Jack Redpath kicks second goal of term and third of match as Footscray leads 141-29 approaching the 20th minute.

It's been a long time since Liam Byrne booted Gold's fourth goal.

Third quarter: Footscray reaches 20-goal mark in the 15th minute when Todd Finco roves marking contest and goals on the run.

Dogs lead Gold, 129 to 29.

Third quarter: Jack Redpath on end of handball in goal square and kicks Footscray Bulldogs first goal of half in 6th minute. Dogs lead 117-28.

Second half about to start. Footscray leads 109-28.

Leading goal kickers in Footscray's only night game this VFL season are Christian Elliott, Jase Perkins, three

Half-time: Footscray Bulldogs lead Bendigo Gold, 17.7 (109) to 4.4 (28).

A far more spirited effort by Bendigo in the opening 20 minutes in which it scored goals through Alex Pollock and Jake Aarts.

After being completely outplayed for most of the opening term, Bendigo started to win more contests through midfield and across half-back.

A skilful Dogs line-up then seized control.

Footscray has shown plenty of marking power in attack, and is just as dangerous at goal level.

Western Bulldogs senior coach Brendan McCartney is watching this match unfold under the QEO lights.

Leading goal kickers for Footscray are Christian Elliott, three, Jason Tutt, Jase Perkins, Darcy Fort on two apiece.

Second quarter: Liam Byrne kicks Bendigo's fourth goal after earning free at centre bounce and then awarded 50m penalty.

Footscray leads 96-28 approaching 30th minute.

Second quarter: Footscray has three unanswered goals after Bendigo's promising start to term.

Dogs latest goal kicked by captain Lukas  Markovic when on end of flukey bounce in Barnard Street end goal square.

Footscray leads  76-20 in 19th minute.

Second quarter: Jason Tutt kicks Footscray's first goal of term. Dogs lead 70-19 in 12th minute.

Second quarter, 10 minute mark: Gold has lifted pressure dramatically and winning a lot more contests.

Footscray leads 58-19, but Bendigo fans a lot more impressed by this fight back.

Second quarter: Bendigo Gold has scored two goals in opening three minutes through Alex Pollock and Jake Aarts.

Footscray leads 58-19 in fifth minute of term.

Quarter time: Footscray Bulldogs lead 9.4 (58) to 1.1 (7)

Bulldogs blitz through midfield has put Gold defence under extreme pressure..

Inaccurate kicking the only blight on an impressive start by Footscray.

Gold sole goal kicked by captain Steven Stroobants.

Footscray attack led by Christian Elliott and Jase Perkins, two apiece.

Recruited by the Dogs from Kyneton, Jack Redpath has kicked a goal.

Footscray attack led by Jase Perkins, three goals. 

First quarter, 20 minute mark: Footscray Bulldogs lead 6.3 (39) to 1.1 (7).

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