RSL achieves milestone at Anzac service

KANGAROO Flat RSL will achieve a special milestone at its Anzac Day service on Friday. 

This year, 21 of the club's Second World War veterans are aged over 90, with two of them born in 1917. 

Those veterans turning 90 this year include William Clarke, Moreen Dixon, Frederic Hibbert, Ivon Hutcheson, Bill Hosking, Kath Jarvis, Warrick Johanson, Alfred Lobley, Ronald McHardy and Clarence Rogers. 

Club president Charlie Lewis-Martin said the ceremony would be a special moment for all members of the Kangaroo Flat RSL. 

"We are trying to expose Kangaroo Flat to the people and what we are about," he said. 

"We need younger members because when these go, we will need someone to continue on the club."

To give the milestone even more significance, Member for Bendigo West Maree Edwards mentioned it in state parliament. 

"We should never forget these amazing men and women who gave so much in the defence of our country in a number of wars across the world," she said. 

Mr Lewis-Martin said Anzac Day was about remembering those who lost their lives at war. 

"I tell people, if it had not been for those men and women, (because we forget the women) ... if those people didn't do that we might have been speaking a different language," he said.

Darwin Defender George Addlem is one of the Second War World veterans and said Anzac Day was a time to remember his mates. 

"I think of the poor buggers who never came back," he said. 

Mr Addlem served in Darwin between 1942 and 1945.

He said he could not wait to join the army as a boy but his mother forced him to wait until he was 21. 

"I went up to Darwin and got tropical ulcers and dengue fever, then I got pneumonia," he said. 

"They didn't expect me to live, they were ready to wrap the towel around me.

"But I survived."

The Kangaroo Flat Anzac Day service starts at 6.30am at the Soldiers’ Memorial Park, High Street.

A march is at 9.20am. 

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