Homelessness - not just on the streets

THE issue of youth homelessness goes far wider than people living in the streets, says one Bendigo group. 

Young people couch surfing, staying at friend's houses and being kicked out of home after a family dispute are all issues that are often unseen and unthought of. 

Megan  Griffiths and a group of fellow Bendigo TAFE students hope to bring these issues into the light by running a barbecue next month. 

They say the issue is often under-represented, with many not understanding the full extent of the problem. 

Some people in the group have experienced homelessness in the past, and know several more who also don't have a place to call home.

"Most people just aren't aware of how often it happens and how much of a problem it is for young people," Ms Griffiths said. 

"When people have no home, they often have no  basic hygiene products either. 

"They are lacking general items like a toothbrush, a shower, tampons, pads - things that are quite necessary to keep someone healthy."

The group will put together hygeine packs from the money raised. 

"We looked at things going on in Bendigo and there are lots of things being done for depression and suicide but there's far less things being done to help homelessness," she said. 

Ms Griffiths said several factors could cause homelessness, and no-one was immune. 

"Maybe a young person has had a fight with their parents and can't return home, maybe they're staying at a friend's house but don't really have their own space," she said. 

"All these things have the potential to really cause damage to someone's life.

"We just want to bring attention to this in the community and try and help where we can."

The barbecue IS on May 1 from 11am to 3pm at the Bendigo Civic Gardens. 

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