A problem that needs a solution

Jill Meagher’s widowed husband Tom has spoken out about the “ingrained sexism” and the “monster myth” around men who commit appalling crimes.

It’s one step towards fighting a seemingly impossible problem. 

Mr Meagher says he's been overwhelmed with messages from thousands of women who have been abused.

He says he realised he needed to finally take a stand and highlight the causes of such violence, that the random rape and murder that claimed Ms Meagher's life can't be treated in isolation because it feeds into a "monster myth" of men who abuse women.

It follows a lot of talk in the media about family violence.

Mother-of-four Fiona Warzywoda, 33, who was born in Bendigo, was allegedly stabbed to death by her abusive de-facto husband in the middle of a busy Sunshine shopping strip in broad daylight last Wednesday.

Heart-broken relatives say the Victorian justice system has once again failed victims of family violence.

In another case, a man has been accused of murdering his two young daughters on Easter Sunday. 

It takes Tom - and many more - to make a change.

Domestic violence cases don’t always hit the news headlines though. Behind closed doors, families are fractured on a daily basis. 

It takes Tom - and many more - to make a change. 

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