Concerning sentiment rings true

OFTEN when I read reports of reckless driving on our roads, I think of what my mother told me when I went for my licence. 

“It’s not you that you have to worry about, it’s all the other people on the road.”

It’s a sentiment that seems all too appropriate when you read page 7 of today’s Bendigo Advertiser

Reports of a driver texting just moments before reaching speeds of almost 200 kilometres per hour are concerning - for not only the driver himself, but for the dozens of other road-users at the time. 

Police rightly dubbed the behaviour as “ridiculous”. 

I often wonder what compels people to misuse the roads and to put themselves and others at risk. 

It must be those feelings of being invincible; the feelings of false bravado and adrenalin when you break the law. 

But those feelings quickly disappear for those involved in road trauma. Lost lives and those so badly injured, their lives will never be the same. 

Those feelings quickly disappear for those involved in road trauma.

Sadly these reckless actions affect innocent people too. 

And as I grow older, I realise my mum’s words couldn’t be more true. 

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