Refusing to waste a minute

AS KIM Bohmeyer sat watching the Bendigo Easter Gala Parade with her daughter this year, memories of her childhood flooded back. 

The Melbourne woman was 15 when she was last in Bendigo - as one of the many wide-eyed, excited children getting a taste of the sights and sounds on offer. 

Now she has passed on the experience to her daughter Larni Bishop, 7. 

Ms Bohmeyer travelled to Bendigo with Larni and her mum Lorraine Watson at the weekend. 

The family is squeezing all they can out of the trip, with Ms Bohmeyer saying they "refuse to waste a minute". 

She said the highlight had been the Easter parade, which was "just super impressive". 

"The main reason we came here was for the Easter festival but now we're here, we just want to see everything that's on offer," Ms Bohmeyer said. 

"It's been years since we came to Bendigo and I loved seeing the night parade from a different perspective as an adult. 

"I also love the new route because now more people can view the parade, which is great, and to share it with my daughter was just beautiful. 

"It brought back a hell of a lot of memories of when I was a kid with my mum and spending an Easter in Bendigo."

Ms Watson said Larni had "been on cloud nine" since she arrived on Friday, with the family extending its stay in Bendigo to make the most of their time.

"We have been to Maldon and are going to the Central Deborah Goldmine (on Tuesday)," she said. 

"We've also seen the Chinese museum and haven't stopped since we got here. 

"There's too much to do."

Ms Watson also spoke highly of the Easter parade, saying the number of children enjoying the festivities was "incredible".  

"I was blown away by how much it had improved since I was last here (30 years ago)," she said. 

"The amount of attractions on offer is just unbelievable and most of them are free. 

"Larni has been beside herself most of the time we have been here, just having the time of her life, and there's stuff to see for adults too."

We haven't stopped since we got here. - Lorraine Watson

Ms Watson said it was a comforting change to escape Melbourne and discover the "friendly" regional town. 

"It's a bit more laid back here compared to where I'm from in Cranborne," she said. 

"And people are very friendly here in the country. 

"They're a different sort of breed to Melbournites - more pleasant."

She said the family planned to come back in the future to "do it all again". 

Family experience all that's on offer in Bendigo during Easter

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