Bookworms ready to unearth some bargains

BOOKS upon books are winding up and down aisles at the Tom Tweed YMCA Stadium in Mundy Street.

At 9am on Good Friday, doors will fly open and hundreds of people will swarm for a bargain.

Y Service Club book co-ordinator Colin Lambie said Good Friday was their busy day of the weekend.

"We get a fresh supply of books each year and we fill the stadium with them," Mr Lambie said.

"They're all donated and sold and next year there will be more donations."

This year is the first time Mr Lambie has been in charge of the Y Service Club's book fair but it has been going for more than 30 years.

They also run one in October but the Easter one is for the serious bookworms.

Popular authors including Nick Hornby and Jodi Picoult are alongside bestsellers such as Eat Pray Love

Genres range from mathematics and language to comic books with DVDs, videos and board games also stacking up and ready for sale.

Money raised from the book fair will go to local and regional rograms, international charities and help sponser other Bendigo-based programs.

The fair runs from 9am Friday to 1pm Monday.

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