Good morning Bendigo 16.04.14

Happy Wednesday Bendigo! It's been a rather chilly morning.


A cloudy day with a top of 22 and light winds.

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No reported delays this morning. 


Republican movement wanes amid royal revival

Support for an Australian republic has slumped to its lowest level in more than three decades just as royal enthusiasm reaches fever pitch over the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate.

In a set-back for the long-struggling republican movement, once famously championed by Malcolm Turnbull, more than half of all Australians now believe the switch to a republic is unnecessary with 51 per cent opposing any such move and only 42 per cent backing it.

That's down from a high of 58 per cent in 1999 and represents the lowest pro-republican sentiment in 35 years.

GALLERY: Red moon rises over Bendigo

MORE than 60 people turned out to watch the moon turn red in Golden Square on Tuesday night. 

The phenomena, known as a total lunar eclipse, happens when the moon passes through the shadow of the earth. 

Melbourne's Alan and Sue Melbourne were in Bendigo for the night and decided to view the eclipse from Tucker Street Reserve.  

Mr Melbourne said he had never seen a total lunar eclipse. 

"It is fascinating," he said.

"Really amazing."  

Send your eclipse photos to and the Bendigo Advertiser will publish them in an online gallery. 


If today is your day, happy birthday! 

You share a birthday with actor Martin Lawrence (1965) who reached fame with Big Momma's House, Pope Benedict (1927) and Jon Cryer (1965) from Two and a Half Men.


Q: Why did the cross-eyed teacher lose her job?

A: Because she couldn't control her pupils. 

Have a great day Bendigo! 

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