Bracelet ban sparks debate from parents

THE banning of rubber bracelets, known as loom bands, at schools in Victoria and NSW has sparked debate among Bendigo parents. 

Steve O'Connor wrote on the Bendigo Advertiser's Facebook page he did not agree with the ban but understood the reason behind the schools' decisions

"Teachers tire of sorting out lost, stolen, misplaced and then acquired bands," he said. 

"Unfortunately because they are not really identifiable, the less honest individuals in every class cause these things (and footy cards, Pokemon cards) to become one big argument that takes a lot of time and energy to sort out. 

"I personally think it is a great opportunity to learn critical social and personal skills but trust me, it quickly becomes a mire of crying kids, lying kids, indignant kids, then defensive mothers and angry fathers." 

Allison Pell said her son's school had a uniform policy which banned jewellery other than earrings on girls. 

"Therefore loom bands would not be allowed," she said. 

Shazzarlenko White wrote: "(Why) would (you) want to ban them?"

A Bendigo Advertiser poll asking people whether loom bands should be banned in schools received 75 responses. 

About 72 per cent of respondents believed the bans should not be banned while 28 per cent believed they should not be allowed at school. 

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