Changing women's lives

BENDIGO gynaecologist and obstetrician Dr Angelika Borozdina is leading the way when it comes to women's health.

Dr Borozdina is providing a revolutionary new treatment for women with vaginal atrophy - a condition affecting about 50 per cent of all postmenopausal women.

Symptoms of the condition can include vaginal dryness, itchiness, urinary urgency and incontinence, burning sensations, irritation, fissuring and pain during intercourse.

Typical treatment for the condition include estrogen cream but it's not suitable or effective for all women, leading Dr Borozdina to embrace the Mona Lisa Touch procedure.

The Vulvo-Vaginal Laser Reshaping laser that delivers the Mona Lisa Touch treatment uses a laser emission technology to deliver microscopic beams of laser light to the vaginal walls.

This stimulates collagen formation underneath the skin, promotes proliferation of the cells and restoration of the vaginal wall strength and blood supply.

The treatment takes about 10 minutes and, in most cases, is no more uncomfortable then a typical vaginal examination.

"I've witnessed myself the results of the treatment of a patient with severe vaginal atrophy and it's amazing," Dr Borozdina said.

I've witnessed myself the results of the treatment ... it's amazing. - Dr Angelika Borozdina

"She was 85 and she couldn't go to swimming and now she swims.

"It changed her life.

"It's so important to keep them physically healthy - she suffers from other things like arthritis and it's very important for her to achieve what she's achieving by going swimming and she couldn't for years but now she can after one treatment."

The treatment does not require any "downtime" and people can return to normal activities immediately.

Most people report improvement after the first treatment with the full benefits achieved in three to four treatments.

"It's quite revolutionary treatment for vaginal atrophy, particularly for women where the vaginal atrophy is already advanced," Dr Borozdina said.

Revolutionary new treatment available

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