Good morning Bendigo! 07.04.14

Good morning Bendigo!


A cloudy, overcast day with a top of 25.


No reported delays this morning. 


Pro-Russian protesters seize state buildings in Ukraine

Donetsk: Ukraine accused Russia's President Vladimir Putin of orchestrating the seizure of state buildings in two eastern Ukrainian cities by pro-Russia protesters on Sunday, in a further escalation of tension between Kiev and Moscow.

The protesters seized the regional government building in the industrial hub of Donetsk and security service offices in nearby Luhansk, waving Russian flags and demanding a Crimea-style referendum on joining Russia.

Bomb kills Afghan election workers, destroys ballot papers

A roadside bomb killed two Afghan election workers and one policeman and destroyed dozens of ballot papers on Sunday, police and an election official said, the day after an election that ended without any major violence despite Taliban threats.

Around 60 percent of eligible Afghan voters cast their ballots across the country in a presidential vote hailed as a success by Afghan and Western officials.

Although the Taliban failed to pull off major attacks on election day itself, some fear insurgents are preparing to disrupt the ballot-counting process which is due to take weeks in a country with basic infrastructure and a rugged terrain.

In the first such attack since polling closed on Saturday night, a bomb hit a car carrying election staff and ballot papers in Khanabad district of the northern Kunduz province, police said.


The first known contraceptive was crocodile dung, used by Egyptians in 2000 B.C.


If today is your birthday happy birthday! I hope you have a great day.

You share a birthday with Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe (1964), known for Gladiator, Les Miserables and throwing phones at people. Thankfully he was recently denied Australian citizenship.

But if the fact you share a birthday with Mr Crowe is getting you down, fear not! Martial arts legend and screen hero Jackie Chan was also born on this day (1954) and the only thing he ever throws is kick-ass blows to the bad guys.


1584 - Ieper surrenders to duke Van Parma

1625 - Albrecht von Wallenstein appointed German supreme commander

1645 - Michael Cardozo becomes 1st Jewish lawyer in Brazil

1652 - Dutch establish settlement at Cape Town, South Africa

1655 - Fabio Chigi replaces Pope Innocent X as Alexander VII

1712 - Slave revolt (NYC)

1724 - Johann S Bach's "John Passion" premieres in Leipzig

1739 - Dick Turpin executed in England for horse stealing

[Composer Johann Sebastian Bach] Composer Johann Sebastian Bach1776 - Captain John Barry and the USS Lexington captures the Edward.

1788 - 1st settlement in Ohio, at Marietta

1795 - France adopts the metre as the basic measure of length.

1798 - Mississippi Territory organized

1805 - Premiere of Beethoven's "Eroica" (conducted by himself)

1818 - General Andrew Jackson conquers St Marks Fla from Seminole indians

1827 - English chemist John Walker invents wooden matches

1831 - Dom Pedro abdicates to son, Dom Pedro II crowned emperor of Brazil


Q: What do you call a naughty monkey?

A: A badboon! 

Enjoy your day! 


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