Residents concerned about station safety

BENDIGO residents are calling for protective service officers to be deployed at the train station after a man exposed himself to a woman on Friday night.

The incident happened about 6pm when the woman was waiting for her bus outside the station and a man in his 40s exposed himself, before getting on the same bus as her.

Another regular public transport user, Stella Caltabiano, said Friday's incident had made her "extremely concerned" for her children, who also used the train.

"I've got children who travel and they can't catch the train at night," she said. 

She said she was strongly in favour of having protective services officers at the train station after dark.

"Anything that deters is a good idea," she said.

Former Bendigo resident Jack Byrne, who now lives in Echuca and returns to Bendigo regularly to visit his family, said there was a need for protective services officers at night.

"My grandparents catch the train and as they're older they're more vulnerable so protective services officers would be good for them," he said. "Anything that helps has to be beneficial."

Kangaroo Flat resident Maureen Hourigan, 68, said she travelled on the train frequently, including at night.

She said that although she felt safe most of the time she would still like to see extra safety measures enforced.

In the past six months there has been a series of incidents at the train station.

On March 21 an 18-year-old man was arrested there after allegedly threatening people with a knife. 

On January 13 a man in his 50s was assaulted, suffering serious injuries, and on November 26 last year a man was allegedly repeatedly punched and kicked at the station.

Police have charged people over the three incidents.

Member for Northern Victoria Damian Drum said Victoria Police determined which stations were deployed with protective service officers.

But he said he expected the Bendigo station would have them before the year's end.

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