Down the Mall: US fire chief has all the right credentials

DTM swears it did not make this up: in the news from the US recently, Snohomish County Fire District 21 Chief… Travis Hots.

Team with a difference

Surely we’re not the only ones who find some basketball team names odd?

Having long had some difficulty with “Lady Braves”, which seems of mixed gender, we were charmed this week to read Raelee Tuckerman’s article about the success of Bendigo’s Maddison Wild in Texas… with the Lady Buffs.

What’s that you say, Maddie? You’re in the... in the what? Oh, in the Buffs.

Horned beast spotted 

Last week we had a little wallow along the rich stream of weird animal sightings near Bendigo in the past 150 years and moaned that the art of bizarre critter sightings seemed to have ended.


Apart from erratic appearances by Crateman (and his dog), DTM has since been informed of two more.

One mate, whom we shall call Brian, took a pic with his phone of a strange stubby horned green beast atop Eaglehawk landfill. Don’t give up your day job, Brian, because I reckon it’s a large figure of Shrek.

This was a little more serious. Shane blogged onto the Addie site: “My sister saw a black cat a few months back along the Calder Freeway near Elphinstone. She was just looking out the side at the scrub and trees and saw a black cat that was way too big to be anything but the black Panther. It’s not unlikely that they are hiding out there.”

Official muck-up

Having seen the Long Gully road sign “amended” by spray can about 27 times in the past 20 years (it must be quick and easy to convert an L into a B), we were pleasantly delighted by an official muck-up.

A beaut new sign was erected in Queensland recently after the old sign to Bundaberg was soundly vandalised. The new one pointed to “Bungaberg”.

Possibly right next to the town of “Onnabarby.”

Curiously, there is a town in Kentucky which is not mis-spelled. It’s called Typo.

An apt alteration

We’re not usually cheery about mucking about with road signs, but we must comment on the environmental aptness of one seen around town lately.

It started out as FORM ONE LANE. But then someone put a P before LANE and a T after it.

Lines return

Update: As DTM reported, authorities painted nice sharp road lines in Barkly Terrace East a week or so ago, then sprayed the surface with new tar and gravel.

This week, the nice white lines were painted again. We await the imminent appearance of groundhogs… or tar trucks.

A suggestion...

DTM’s blood is boiling after coming across a page asking people to self-rate their suburbs or towns.

Here’s one foam-flecked comment: “Hate Bendigo with a passion/vengeance once you have seen the tourists spots then it's all over red rover, It has the small town syndrome if you haven't lived her for 30 odd years then you don't belong, don't live here.”

We would like to suggest to Lorraine, Emma, Hal and Billy Bob that they all work hard to improve Bendigo by 150 per cent – by leaving.

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