3BO's Beck signs up as organ donor

BECK Chalmer was so moved by Courtney's Quest, she finally made the decision to register as an organ donor. 

The 3BO breakfast host is one of 1532 new donors the Bendigo Advertiser aims to sign up in 30 days as part of Courtney's Quest. 

Courtney Keast, 12, tragically died after a boating accident in January and donated her organs to help save four lives.

Chalmer said her husband Scott had been trying to convince her to sign up as a donor years but she was hesitate.  

"I was okay with livers and lung, but with my eyes and my heart, it (was) an irrational thing, but I thought, 'I can't do that' and I don't think you can pick and choose what organs you want to donate," she said. 

"When I found out you could (choose what you wanted to donate) that was great but by now I realised it was selfish and irrational for me to think that I am going to be any less without them

"And knowing how many people were on the waiting list and their hopes (was another reason) I signed up." 

Chalmer said Courtney's story was moving and had struck at cord with her.  

"I love that her family has taken her horrific, tragic death and motivated change in people's thoughts," she said.

"To know exactly where her organs went and how it saved four lives, I just thought, as a mum, if my children weren't well, I would want to know, if my children were on a waiting list, I would want to know the wouldn't be on a waiting list for very long.

"Because I am a mum and I am in the public eye I just wanted to put my money where my mouth is.

"If I am trying to encourage people to do something that I wasn't willing to do, then it would of been really hypocritical of me." 

Chalmer said if she were to pass away, the fact that she was an organ donor would be a positive for her family to feel during her death. 

"Because I am not a solitary unit anymore, I am a mum, I am a wife, I love that legacy and I think, if something were to happen to me, it would take (my families) focus off my death," she said.

"It would take away it as a negative and turn it into a positive.

"I would be able to give life to other people." 

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