Giants taking some big strides

The Jungle Giants are enjoying an exciting time as they cover new ground on their first international voyage.

The Brisbane band recently played at American festival South by Southwest, something it was eager to do.

“As an Aussie band, whenever you go overseas you’re wary of financial cost because you inevitably lose money,” bass player Andrew Dooris said.

“Not that it’s a new concept in music but for us we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to find a way over there.

“When our manager came in and said we could think about SXSW, we couldn’t believe it was an option and thought we totally had to do it. It was a pretty exciting band meeting.”

The Jungle Giants released their first album (Learn to Exist) last year and the reception has been the most awkward and nervous time for Dooris.

“It’s just sitting out there and people are either loving it or hating it,” he said.

“It seems like people are liking it but as musicians, you can feel like you are outgrowing this piece of art you have created. Like it’s a bit awkward to look at.

“Recording and writing is a big thing in our minds but we have been super busy and want to take some time (for the second album).

“So it might mean sitting on a few things for a while but it is coming and it will be great.”

The band has been busy since its inception in 2011 with two EPs, an album and a lot of touring.

“It’s been kind of a blur from Sam, Cesira and I fooling around with songs in high school with no direction, which was cool and fun,” Dooris said.

“Early on we thought maybe (being a band) was just childish dreams and pursuits but for me there was a point where I had an annoying girlfriend, I was at university as the band was taking off and it was a relief to step away (from studying) and go to band practice and play gigs. It became clear what was important. I knew I loved it and I knew I couldn’t give it up.

Dooris said there’s plenty of time for band members to figure out their lives.

“I’m not saying (music) is the be all and end all. It’s exciting and frustrating,” he said.

“But we all have a massive ambition to keep the ball rolling and the fire burning.

“I have had the opportunity to travel with the band and see so many beautiful things in this country that I wouldn’t have experienced if I wasn’t in this situation.”

The Jungle Giants have also experienced playing with the big boys at festivals like Big Day Out.

“There were so many bands on that bill that have done so much,” Dooris said.

“Bands like Pearl Jam, Arcade Fire, Tame Impala and Snoop Dogg, were all there and all nailing it.

“To see people who you only see on TV or a laptop, to hear their normal voice, shake hands and converse with them is so intimidating and amazing.

“Even bands that didn’t inspire our sound are still inspiring.”

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