Boy from Oz returning to Bendigo

TODD McKenney will kick off his 2014 tour of The Boy From Oz in Bendigo on Friday.

The Dancing With the Stars judge has just finished the Melbourne production of Grease and is bringing the show he produced and stars in back to Victoria and New South Wales.

"I have a lot of friends coming to that (Bendigo) show, it should be really fun," he said.

"There are a few friends in that area that I drag along that have seen it 10 times.

"It's been about a year since I was in Bendigo and it was for this show."

The Boy From Oz will play just 11 shows on its tour, something that McKenney said helps keep it fresh.

"We never flog the show to death. We do about 12 and then step away from it for a year," he said.

"In that time we add songs and change the show. We never do the same show twice.

"There's a lot material to choose from and it changes every night which keeps it fresh for ourselves. If we can have fun on stage then the audience can't help but have fun."

McKenney said the show was not strictly scripted and it encouraged audiences to get involved.

"It's a bit more like a dinner party rather than a pre-scripted show," he said.

"People ask a lot of questions and some people bring a Dancing With the Stars scorecard.

"It gives me much more respect for the competitors when I see those scores in the audience.

"I think a lot of people come to see if I can do anything other than be a loudmouth judge."

McKenney became a household name after taking on the role of iconic Aussie performer Peter Allen in the original 1998 production of the Boy from Oz.

"This show is a way for people to experience some Peter Allen and the tour is for people who didn't get to see the show in the capital cities," he said.

"(Allen) was a great Australian and had a great love of music.

"This show reminds people what a great Australian songwriter he was."

The Boy From Oz starring Todd McKenney is on at The Capital Theatre this Friday. For tickets phone 5434 6100.

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