Good morning Bendigo! 02.04.14

Good morning Bendigo! We're half way to the weekend and hope this week is treating you well.


We're tipped for isolated showers in the morning with some stiff breezes through the day. It's expected Bendigo will reach a top of 27.


No reported delays this morning. 


Missing Malaysia Airlines plane: Minister says 'deliberate' act responsible

Malaysian authorities have reiterated they believe there was a “deliberate action” by someone on board the missing Malaysian airliner to divert it from its scheduled flight path.

“MH370’s movements were consistent with deliberate action by someone on the plane,” Malaysia’s acting transport minister Hishammuddin Hussein said on Tuesday night.

The comments refute growing speculation that a mechanical failure led to cabin depressurisation that caused the pilots to become unconscious after turning the plane around over the South China Sea.

Full story here.

Victoria has severe shortage of public housing, says report.

Housing shortages for low-income families have become so severe that an extra $200 million a year will be needed as an investment to keep pace with demand.

A report by a group of seven community organisations found that the equivalent of the population of Bendigo is under stress, with one in seven families unable to meet housing costs. It said social housing made up only 3.4 per cent of homes in Victoria - by far the lowest rate in Australia and one of the lowest in the Western world.

The group - which includes the Community Housing Federation of Victoria, the Victorian Council of Social Service and the Council to Homeless Person - said about 15 per cent of households struggled to pay rent. Only 2 per cent of Melbourne rental homes are affordable for working single-parent families, and none are affordable for a single person on the minimum wage or income support.

Full story here.


1. Barry George was convicted of the murder of which TV presenter?

2. Sherron Watkins was vice president of which famous company?

3. The debut album from Arctic Monkeys appeared on which record label?

4. Which England player bowled just one over in the 2006-07 Ashes series?

5. Hans Horrevoets was swept overboard and died in which 2006 sporting event?

Answers below.


The Grand Canyon can hold around 900 trillion footballs.

Quiz answers: 1. Jill Dando  2. Enron  3. Domino  4. Ian Bell  5. Volvo Open Race.


If today is your birthday then have some cake and enjoy the day! Happy birthday! 

You share a birthday with Giacomo Casanova, reputedly the world's greatest lover (1725-1798); Hans Christian Andersen, Danish writer (1805-1875); Marvin Gaye, US singer (1939-1984); Michael Fassbender, Irish-German actor (1977-) and Michael Clarke, Australian cricketer (1981-).


1513 - In searching for the Fountain of Youth, Spaniard Juan Ponce de Leon discovers Florida, but does not realise it is part of mainland North America.

1917 - US President Woodrow Wilson summons special session of Congress to declare war upon Germany.

1932 - US aviator Charles Lindbergh turns over a $US50,000 ransom to an unidentified man in a New York cemetery in exchange for his kidnapped son; the infant is found dead a month later.

1958 - Last load of bitumen on Pacific Highway between Sydney and Brisbane is laid 18km south of Taree, NSW.

1982 - Argentina invades British Falklands Islands and overthrows the British administration.

1995 - More than 80 top Australian rugby league players sign with Super League.

2005 - Pope John Paul II, who helped topple communism in Europe and left a deeply conservative stamp on the church that he led for 26 years, dies in his Vatican apartment.


What does a vegan zombie eat? Graaaaaaaaaaains!

Enjoy your Wednesday,


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