Saving people in emergencies

BEC Davis helps people in their darkest hours: when they're trapped in cars, caught in floods and facing all kinds of emergencies.

Bec Davis

Ms Davis is a volunteer with the SES - a vital service whose members save lives.

Ms Davis signed up to the organisation in February and she says she's enjoying herself.

"I volunteered at youth camps recently and that reinvigorated my love of volunteering," Ms Davis says.

"I wanted to do something on a regular basis."

She says volunteering with the SES appealed to her due to the hands-on nature of the role.

"The job I'm doing is very much behind a desk," she says.

"So doing something totally different really appeals.

"I've done communications training on the radio, I've learnt about the fundamentals and fire safety.

"Soon I'll be learning how to jack up a car."

Ms Davis says she has made many new friends since starting, and feels like she's part of a community.

"It's a really friendly, inclusive atmosphere," she says.

"I really enjoy the social side as well as the serious side."

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