Youths bounce into employment action

NATHAN Marks, 20, wants to improve his communication skills and confidence.

Jaime Moore, 23, is seeking direction after a long period out of the workforce.

Mikaeli Howden, 19, has a clear career goal but just needs some help establishing the steps to reach it.

The three youths are participating in the three-week Bendigo Young Achievers program at the Workspace building in Mundy Street.

The program is delivered by Bounce Consulting and aims to equip young people with a range of practical skills that will enhance their employment prospects and overall well-being.

Ms Moore says the program is an excellent starting block for people unsure of how to kick-start their employment search.

She says participants are encouraged to think about their personality traits in their quest to find a job that suits them.

"Today we're learning about values," Ms Moore says.

"We've touched on values we think are important in our lives and careers and picked out cards that we can relate to our lives."

Mr Marks says he wants a job in the interactive digital industry but says his lack of social confidence has hindered him in the past.

He says learning about inter-personal rapport and communication skills has been especially beneficial to him. 

"The words you use only make up seven per cent of your communication skills," he says.

"We learned about body language, voice and tone."

Ms Howden plans to open a beauty salon at her Axedale home, but just wanted some tips on the best way to go about this.

Bounce Consulting founder and chief executive Maria Smith says much of training is based on cognitive behaviour therapy.

"Essentially we get people to look at their life in a different way," she says.

"Everybody has potential and it's when you communicate that people step up to the responsibility.

"It's about doing anything we can to raise someone's emotional intelligence."

More than a quatre of people aged 17 to 24 in Australia are not in full-time work or study.

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