Campaign targets baby sling safety

A NATIONAL campaign to teach parents about how to use baby slings safely is being developed by the Queensland Office of Fair Trading.

The campaign will be launch later this year and will include a YouTube video, brochures, posters and a social media campaign. 

The move comes after a report by the Queensland coroner, published on Friday, found a baby sling was a factor in the death of ''Baby T'' in March 2013.

Baby T was being carried around a shopping centre by her mother in a pouch-style baby sling when her father noticed one of her arms was sticking out of the sling and was pale.

The mother realised Baby T wasn't moving and then noticed blood and froth around her nose and mouth.

Police and ambulance services attempted CPR on the baby but she later died in hospital.

Deputy State Coroner John Lock found the sling, a slight cold, and the way Baby T was lying against her mother's body, all contributed to the baby's suffocation.

But parents interviewed by the Bendigo Advertiser on Sunday said they would not hesitate to use a baby sling.

They said Baby T's death was a tragedy but felt it was more of a freak occurrence.

Mark Krueger was at the botanic gardens in White Hills with his one-year-old daughter Layla.

"The only time we used to use one was on the aeroplane, around the airport where it's hard to take strollers around," he said.

"We never had any worries."

Mr Krueger said he would not hesitate to use a baby sling again.

"If it was right for the child at the time," he said.

A Bendigo mum, who did not wish to be named, said she had used a baby sling without incident.

"It was fine," she said.

Safety tips from the Sids and Kids website include: ensure any sling you buy comes with detailed instructions for use; take your baby with you when you buy a sling to ensure that the product you buy is a safe fit for you and the baby; and ask for a demonstration.

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