Janine's ready to grant wishes by switching off

MOST people would struggle to go a couple of hours without checking their mobile phones, let alone an entire day.

But Bendigo resident Janine Davies is preparing to switch off.

"For the month of March the Make-A-Wish foundation has launched a new campaign for people to switch off their mobile phones to raise funds for seriously ill children to grant their life-changing wishes," she said.

"This Sunday is Make-A-Wish's Super Switch Off Sunday where you nominate to turn your phone off for the whole day.

"You have friends and family who sponsor you and people who donate to the cause.

"So I've opted to switch my phone off for the whole of Sunday."

Ms Davies is a self-confessed mobile phone addict and admits it will be tempting to check her phone.

"So I'll just switch it off on Saturday night before I go to bed and that way I'm not tempted to look at it in the morning," she said.

"I'll switch it back on just before I go to bed on Sunday night so the alarm goes off on Monday morning.

"It's going to be a challenge.

"I'm one of those phone-addicted people - whether it's being on the phone or sending a text or checking emails.

"I feel like I'm always on my phone.

"I don't have a landline so I'll be in the library on Sunday studying so that's where people will find me.

"And if there's an emergency I guess there's my husband's phone."

Ms Davies said it was not too late for people to register for Make-A-Wish's Super Switch Off Sunday.

"Or they can go online and donate at www.switchoff2014.com.au," she said.

Super Switch Off Sunday is Make-A-Wish's newest fundraising campaign.

Participants have turned off their mobile phones for a combined total of more than 25,000 hours since the beginning of the month.

Make-A-Wish Australia executive officer Gerard Menses said it had been a tough challenge for many people but there had been positive outcomes.

"We've had some wonderful feedback from supporters who have loved the personal challenge to switch off their mobile phones for as long as they can during March, despite the challenging withdrawal symptoms," he said.

Make-A-Wish is aiming for participants to clock up more than 100,000 combined hours during the switch off campaign.

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