Disability groups slam proposed delays to scheme

BENDIGO's leading disability support groups have slammed suggestions that roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme should be delayed.

 Amicus chief executive Ann-Marie Davis said delays would increase the likelihood of people with disabilities having a crisis.

"People with a disability who thought their prayers were being answered will be inadequately supported or not supported at all," she said.

"That's part of the reason for the NDIS - because there's such a large amount of people who don't receive the support they need.

"More and more families who aren't being supported have the potential to go into crisis."

She said she knew of a local family who couldn't care for their young daughter but the only option in the current system was to house her in a nursing home for old people.

Ms Davis said delays to the scheme would have a "devastating impact" on that family.

"They could be forced to make a decision they feel isn't in the best interest of their daughter," she said.

Ms Davis comments come after a government report into the scheme suggested the business model be reviewed and found its launch had been rushed.

But Ms Davis said while the scheme may not be flawless, the government should implement it in its imperfect form and continue to make necessary changes as it was rolled out.

Ms Davis' sentiments were echoed by Radius operations manager Kerri Carr, who said the government should stick to the current time frame.

"In the real world, regardless of what time you put on a particular change there will always be people who are ready and those who aren't," Ms Carr said.

"Delaying it won't mean more people are ready."

Their comments come as Member for Bendigo Lisa Chesters spent a day visiting the two disability agencies to learn about issues in the industry and gain a greater understanding of challenges people with disabilities faced.

Ms Chesters said the scheme, which the former Labor government legislated, could not be delayed.

"It would be very disappointing if the NDIS was delayed and I strongly encourage the government not to delay it," Ms Chesters said.

"This week in parliament several members, including myself, stood up and called on the government to stick to the plan."

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