Footballers roll up their sleeves and donate

STRATH Storm football players are a pretty steely bunch, but the thought of facing the needle is enough to make even them quiver.

Team volunteer and water boy Damian O'Bree said some of the team members were nervous before they donated blood on Monday, but were put at ease by the helpful staff at the blood bank.

"The nurses and staff were really good and looked after everyone," Mr O'Bree said.

"They were terrific."

In total, seven players and two club officials donated blood, and Mr O'Bree said the club was planning to make it a regular occurrence.

He said he had been donating blood regularly for a few years and wanted to encourage others to do the same.

He said the idea of workplaces or community groups donating as a cohort made the prospect less daunting.

"That's what got a few people interested - the idea of having other guys there for a bit of support ," Mr O'Bree said.

The club is using round one of this year's football season as a promotional day for the blood bank.

One in three people will need blood in their lifetime.

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