GALLERY: La Trobe strike interrupts student timetables

STUDENTS at La Trobe University Bendigo have reported class cancellations due to strike action.

The university is still determining the impact of the 36-hour staff strike but education, information technology and business students said on Thursday that they had missed lectures and tutorials.

First-year business and IT student Nick Seagrove said his IT fundamentals teacher emailed him on Wednesday to inform him of Thursday's class cancellations.

"We missed a lecture and a tutorial this morning which is a whole week worth of classes," he said 

"I think it will have a negative impact on our learning. A two-part topic basically turned into one-part topic."

First-year education student Tara Smith said she had been unable to contact her lecturers for the past two days but was unsure if it was related to the strike.

"All lecturers' doors have been shut and there are no appointment sheets out," she said. 

"I've got assignments due and I’m finding it hard to get the support I need to get things done. I will try emailing them this afternoon."

A group of four first-year education students who did not wish to be named said they had missed a language and literacy lecture on Thursday due to the strike.

"It hasn't affected our pod too much but I have a friend who lost a good chunk of classes," one student said.

"As future teachers we’ve got to see things from their perspective if they have too much of a workload.

"And when the job cuts happen, there might be bigger classes and it could be more difficult for us to interact with the teachers."

Bendigo Student Association president and occupational therapy student Jess Robertson said the university had assured students there would be no effect on classes from the strike.

"If students do find they are impacted they have been told to contact their faculty coordinator," Miss Robertson said.

"Any union members have the right take action and we respect that it’s completely their choice."

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