Bendigo duo to launch album

REWARD for three years hard work will be sweet for Bendigo duo Bridget Robertson and Lance Hillier.

The duo, better known in the local music scene as Anchor and the Butterfly, will launch their first album at the Goldmines Hotel on Friday, April 4.

“It’s been a bit of a long process,” Robertson said.

“We will both be very happy to move onto the next project.”

Robertson and Hillier have been playing together for about eight years but only formed a duo in the past three.

“When you get to our ages, co-ordinating five people can be difficult,” Robertson said.

“We get session musicians in to record on the album.”

The musicians have played together in previous outfits and Robertson said writing and recording an album was always a focus.

“I think it’s important to aim for things like that and I quite like the recording process,” she said.

“As a writer you will always write bodies of work that sit well together and it important to aim for that.

“(The recording process) makes you a better writer and musician. It highlights your flaws and what you need to work on.

“You take your ego out of the equation, which can be difficult but in the long run it’s a good thing.”

Anchor and the Butterfly are exploring more Melbourne gigs but are faithfuls to the Bendigo music scene.

The Goldmines Hotel is a bit of a haven for them and the duo meet in the late 90s when the Golden Vine was leading the way in Bendigo music venues.

“We met at a gig 12 years ago and had some common ground. He was a muso and I played,” Robertson said

“A lot of (Bendigo musicians) have played together at some stage.

“(The local music scene) went through a lull for a while but there are lots of venues now putting on music regularly, which is good because it means people are going to shows.”

Hillier plays most instruments he comes across while Robertson mostly plays guitar and sings.

Robertson said Anchor and the Butterfly’s music has a country vibe to it and is built on strong lyrics.

“It’s probably country with a little bit of indie-folk,” she said.

“We try and write pretty honest songs about whatever is inspiring us at the time.

“Good songwriting is something I like to spend time working on. Lyrics are the strength of songs but we just hope people enjoy them.”

But Anchor and the Butterfly aren’t resting on their laurels though with plans to work with local animators on film clips as well as looking to get back in the recording studio at the end of the year.

“We are looking forward to collaborating with other artists and, on the horizon, want to record again,” Robertson said.

“We have new songs to look forward to recording early next year but we both work full time so I guess we’ll have to fit it around whatever else is going on.”

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