Kappen wins at Weeroona titles

KAPPEN house was the overall champion at Weeroona College's athletics carnival run on Friday at La Trobe University Bendigo athletics complex in Flora Hill.

Event winners will represent the White Hills-based college at the Sandhurst division titles on Friday, May 2 at LUBAC in Retreat Road.

Junior aggregate: Katyil 446,  Kappen 346, Wannop 310, Merin 298. Senior: Kappen 424, Merin 271, Wannop 249, Katyil 181. Overall: Kappen 770, Katyil 627, Merin 569, Wannop 559.

Age group champions - 16 (open): Harry Bennewith, Karly Mitchell. 15: Adam Dwyer, Meg Rothenberger. 14: Coen Cooper, Gabrielle Rusbridge. 12-13: Caleb Dingey, Brooke Tecklenburg. 

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