Mum finds strength in community

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The Bendigo Advertiser is continuing Courtney's Quest, with the aim of promoting organ donation over four weeks. 

JODIE Keast never wanted to become an organ donor ambassador, nor did she want a reason to be featured in the paper. 

But now she is finding the strength to make people talk about the things they don't want to talk about - to ensure her daughter's life wasn't taken in vain. 

Friends, family - and even strangers - have been talking about organ donation since Ms Keast shared her story last week. 

"I had a friend send me a message saying she was sitting in a cafe and the people next to her were talking about Courtney's Quest," Jodie said. 

"To me, this means Courtney's story is reaching people and it's helping them have that conversation.

"Now those things that people don't want to talk about are out there a little more."

Ms Keast asked Courtney about organ donation just three days before she suddenly lost her life in a boating accident in January this year.

It remains a haunting reality for Jodie. But she says she uses Courtney's memory to push her to go public. 

"I'm just happy if a few people speak about organ donation," she said. 

"It's just proven how beautiful the community is and how we need to talk to each other about these things." 

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