Lymphoedema help is available in Bendigo

WHILE there is no cure for Lymphoedema, it is possible to manage the condition, says practitioner Rosalind Deacon. 

Each year, the month of March is dedicated to raising awareness of the condition, which involves a build up of fluid in the body tissue. 

Ms Deacon, a physiotherapist and lymphoedema practitioner at Bendigo Health, said the condition could affect any part of the body but tended to target the arms and legs. 

She said the lymphoedema clinic at Bendigo Health offered treatment, where patients learnt to manage the condition. 

"The clinic has a strong focus on educating people about how they can manage the condition themselves," she said. 

"It's about self-management - that is a really critical component of the condition.

"It is manageable but patients need to take care of themselves."

Ms Deacon said lymphoedema often resulted in tight skin and a bursting feeling. 

She said the clinic conducted hydrotherapy classes which worked to release fluid from the body. 

"The pressure of the water helps to get rid of the fluid in the body," she said. 

Raine Pearce, who has Lymphoedema, said she enjoyed her weekly classes at Bendigo Health. 

"I enjoy the weekly workouts in the pool with the friends I have made," she said. 

"I enjoy seeing the staff.

"It's really great they have been able to get me to a stage where I usually only need to wear compression knee highs."

Mrs Pearce said her legs were constantly swollen and, felt hot and sore, especially in hot weather. 

"Sometimes in the hot weather you have stockings on and your legs become quite itchy," she said. 

"I am able to manage my condition." 

Mrs Pearce said she would not know what to do without the Lymphoedema clinic. 

"It is magnificent.

"It's great."

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