WELCOME back to day two of the Bendigo Advertiser's over-by-over coverage of the Bendigo District Cricket Association grand final at the QEO.

What a fantastic day of cricket yesterday, with Bendigo United making 6-283 after winning the toss and batting.

The highlight was Matt Pinniger's 115 for the Redbacks.

Here's a recap of yesterday's scorecard:

M. Pinniger c T. Wood b D. Clutton 115

M. Di Fede b D. Clutton 14

B. Gunn c S. Trollope b L. Smith 57

H. Behrens c D. Clutton b L. Baird 30

B. Vance c J. Higgins b D. Clutton 5

H. Donegan not out 24

L. McDermott run out (J. Johnson) 32

Extras 6

6 wickets for 283

Bowling: L. Baird 1-47 off 21, G. Connelly 0-73 off 18, D. Clutton 3-78 off 21, J. Bysouth 0-24 off 4, L. Smith 1-41 off 15, S. Johnson 0-18 off 6.

For those who couldn't get to the QEO yesterday, you can also recap the day's play with these links:




Looking forward to another big day of cricket that begins at noon.

Been an absolute thriller in the under-17s this morning.

White Hills have beaten Strathdale by one run.

Wow, what a game.

Heres hoping for something simillar up at the QEO in the first XI today.

Definitely a lot cooler up at the QEO today than yesterday and much more overcast.

We'll be under way in 10 minutes with Golden Square needing 283... if its a tie, Square wins!

John Lalor and Scott Johnson to open the batting for Square.

Miggy Podosky coming off seven-for last week to open the bowling for BUCCS.

2 slips and a gully, Matt Pinniger under the lid at short leg.

Pinniger would have slept well last night after his 115.

Lalor will face first ball. Both openers are left-handers.

1st over: 0-1, Lalor 1, Johnson 0.

Podosky 0-1.

Byron Perrin will open bowling from Barnard Street end.

Perrin should get a bit of swing in these conditions.

2 slips and a gully for Perrin.

BUCCS on track to beat Square in the third XI grand final.

2nd over: 0-1, Lalor 1, Johnson 0.

Perrin 0-0.

Just one run off the first 14 balls so far today. 

3rd over: 0-5, Lalor 1, Johnson 0.

Podosky 0-1 (4 leg byes also)

First boundary off the bat to John Lalor off Perrin.

LBW shout on Lalor off Perrin, not out.

4th over: 0-9, Lalor 5, Johnson 0

Perrin 0-4

No dramas yet for Golden Square.

Johnson off mark with a flick off Podosky for 2.

5th over: 0-13, Lalor 5, Johnson 4

Perrin 0-4.

BUCCS were 0-20 after 5.

Lalor hits Perrin for 4 through off side. Thats 2 fours in his first 3 scoring shots.

6th over: 0-17, Lalor 9, Johnson 4

Perrin 0-8.

Golden Square conceded just 6 extras yesterday.

BUCCS alread conceded 6 in first seven overs.

Johson looking solid early, driving well.

This is a good start from Johnson and Lalor.

7th over: 0-19, Lalor 9, Johnson 4

Podosky 0-5 off 4 overs.

Podosky been scored off just 3 times first 24 balls.

Johnson about to face Perrin for the first time in the 8th over.

Lalor 10 off 24, Johnson 4 off 23.

8th over: 0-20, Lalor 10, Johnson 4

Perrin 0-9

Podosky continues from city end.

Have a look at Nick Crawfords fielding technique at square leg if you're at the QEO. Always a source of entertainment.

9th over: 0-25, Lalor 15, Johnson 4

Podosky 0-10

BDCA may need to look at sight screens for next years grand final.

Lot of movement behind the wicket at city end.

Lalor hooks Perrin for 4. Really liking the look of him early.

He moves to 19, including 3 boundaries.

Marcus Smalley warming up for BUCCS.

10th over: 0-29, Lalor 19, Johnson 4

Perrin 0-13

BUCCS were 1-30 at same stage.

Sight screens a must for next years grand final.

Neither batsman looking troubled yet.

11th over: 0-35, Lalor 22, Johnson 7

Podosky 0-16

First bowling change, Marcus Smalley replaces Byron Perrin at Barnard St end

Perrin's 1st spell, 0-13 off 5.

Smalley has a grand final five-for. He took 5-55 against Strathdale in 2010.

Square got their runs required to under 250.

Good running between the wickets by the openers.

12th over: 0-39, Lalor 23, Johnson 7

Smalley 0-1.

BUCCS captain Leigh McDermott into attack at city end.

Will be keen to back up yesterdays late hitting when he made 32.

Podoskys first spell, 0-16 off 6.

Square coudnt have asked for a better first 45 minutes from Lalor and Johnson.

Seeing off the new ball, but also ticking the scoreboard over.

Couple of plays and misses from Johnson to McDermott.

13th over: 0-39. McDermott starts with a maiden.

Run-rate 3 an over on the dot.

Lalor cracks his 4th boundary to move to 27.

Lalor's 4 boundaries have come in 11 scoring shots.

Lalor has been one of the BDCAs form batsmen post-Christmas. Showing why early today.

14th over: 0-43, Lalor 27, Johnson 7

Smalley 0-5

McDermott bowling well early in his spell, just had lbw shout on Johnson turned down.

Feels about 15 degrees cooler than yesterday.

John Lalor out, caught second slip off McDermott.

Lalor tried to glide ball, but it ballooned to slip.

Square 1-44, Jake Higgins new batsman.

Heath Behrens took the catch.

Lalor made 27 off 47.

15th over: 1-44, Johnson 8, Higgins 0

McDermott 1-1

Higgins coming in off an unbeaten 88 in last week's semi.

Both Higgins and Johnson players who like to occupy the crease.

After 15 overs BUCCS were 1-42, so runs basically neck and neck

Higgins is averaging 91 this season. Only been out 3 times in 10 hits.

Higgins off the mark with a couple.

16th over: 1-47, Johnson 9, Higgins 2

Smalley 0-8 off 3

Nick Crawford direct hit at keeper end, Higgins makes his ground

McDermott looks like hes doing a bit with the ball out there.

17th over: 1-48, Johnson 10, Higgins 2

McDermott 1-2 off 3

Johnson faced 47 balls for his 10

Reckon Johnson has been playing in grand finals for Golden Square as far back as 1993.

18th over: 1-48, Johnson 10, Higgins 2

Smalley 0-8 off 4.

Higgins pulls McDermott for 4. Almost took out the square leg umpire.

Thats the 50 up for Square in the 19th over.

19th over: 1-52, Johnson 10, Higgins 6

McDermott 1-6 off 4.

Thats drinks.

Tasty BBQ prepared by the umpires in the canteen.

20 overs: 1-52, Johnson 1-, Higgins 6

Smalley 0-8 off 5.

BUCCS were 1-51 off 20, so still neck and neck.

Mr March, Nick Crawford warming up, so spin coming into the attack soon.

Last time Crawford played Bendigo United in a grand final, he took 6-for.

21st over: 1-57, Higgins 11, Johnson 10

McDermott 1-11 off 5.

Higgins two boundaries in his first 11 runs.

Higgins just dropped by a diving Crawford at square leg on 11.

Would have had Square 2-57 if taken.

Could it prove costly?

22nd over: 1-57, Johnson 10, Higgins 11

Smalley 0-8 off 6

Thats three maidens in a row to Smalley.

23rd over: 1-57, Higgins 11, Johnson 10

McDermott 1-11 off 6.

BUCCS drying the runs up.

Johnson 10 off 65, Higgins 11 off 28.

Smalley just had 20 dot balls in a row broken.

24th over: 1-59, Higgins 13, Johnson 10

Smalley 0-10 off 7

Smalley bowled 42 balls, only been scored off 5 of them.

Lbw appeal on Johnson off McDermott, not out.

25th over: 1-59, Higgins 13, Johnson 10

McDermott 1-11 off 7.

BUCCS were 1-63 at some stage.

Higgins out lbw to Smalley for 13.

Square now 2-57 in 26th over, captain Tim Wood in.

First lbw of the game.

Smalley now has 1-10 in his 7th over.

Square added just 15 runs past 10 overs, so BUCCS putting the screws on.

The Johnson-Higgins partnership was 15 off 62 for the second wicket.

Captain and coach now at the crease for Square.

26th over: 2-60, Johnson 10, Wood 1

Smalley 1-11 off 8.

Higgins only added 2 more runs after the Crawford drop, so BUCCS dodged  bullet there.

224 to get for Square.

McDermott bowled 46 balls, only been scored off 5 times.

27th over: 2-61, Johnson 10, Wood 2

McDermott 1-12 off 8.

Smalley and McDermott hve a combined 2-23 off 16 overs.

A bit of sunshine at the QEO now, but still quite fresh.

Johnson moves to 11, had been stuck on 10 for quite a while.

Wood just hits 10 off 2 balls off Smalley.

28th over: 2-73, Wood 13, Johnson 11

Smalley 1-23 off 9.

Smalley just conceded 12 off that over. He had only given up 11 runs first eight overs.

Tim Wood run out.

Awesome piece of fielding. Wood glided to Gunn I believe, set off for a run, but sent back. Gunn direct hit from gully.

Sort of fielding that wins grand finals.

Wood made 13 off 12. Had looked good while out there, until innings ended by his former Strathfieldsaye team mate.

29th over: 3-74, Johnson 11, J. Johnson 0

McDermott 1-12 off 9.

Nick Crawford to bowl from Barnard Street end to Scott johnson.

Crawford bowling with his hat on.

Gunns fielding equal of Trollopes catch yesterday.

J. Johnson off mark with a boundary courtesy of a Crawford full toss.

30th over: 3-79, S. Johnson 12, J. Johnson 4

Crawford 0-5 off 1.

BUCCS were 1-80, so runs still neck and neck.

Into the last 25 minutes before tea.

5 over scoring breakdown:

5th: 0-13

10th: 0-29

15th: 1-44

20th: 1-52

25th: 1-59

30th: 1-79

31st over: 3-80, S. Johnson 13, J. Johnson 4

McDermott 1-13 off 10.

McDermott has bowled 60 balls, been scored off just 7 times, plus has the wicket of Lalor #tight

Scott johnson out for 13, c Donegan b Crawford

Johnson pushed forward and edged to keeper Donegan, who took a sharp catch.

Huge wicket for BUCCS in the 32nd over.

Grant Connelly new batsman.

BUCCS taking control of the contest.

Johnson faced 84 balls and batted 127 minutes for his 13.

Square now 4-80 in the 32nd over.

32nd over: 4-80, J Johnson 4, Connelly 0

Crawford 1-5 off 2.

Squre lost 3-21 past 6 overs. Had been 1-59.

33rd over: 4-80, J. Johnson 4, Connelly 0

McDermott 1-13 off 11.

Another maiden to McDermott, outstanding spell from the skipper here.

5 maidens in McDermott's 11 overs.

Connelly off the mark with a boundary off Crawford.

Both Connelly and Johnson have hit Crawford for 4 to get off the mark.

34th over: 4-84, J Johnson 4, Connelly 4

Crawford 1-9 off 3.

McDermott to bowl his 12th over.

Good Sunday arvo atmosphere in at the QEO.

McDermott had Square batsmen playing and missing all through his spell.

35th over: 4-85, J Johnson 5, Connelly 4

McDermott 1-14 off 12.

BUCCS were 1-99 at some stage.

BUCCS have taken 3-26 in past 10-over block.

Jason Johnson out caught and bowled by Nick Crawford.

Square 5-85 in 36th over.

Scott Trollope new batsman to join Connelly.

Squares two biggest hitters at crease now.

Jason Johnson made 5 off 21 balls.

Crawford now has 2-9 in his 4th over.

Good caught and bowler catch from the wily veteran.

This last 45 minutes been all Bendigo United.

Hard work ahed for Golden Square now.

36th; 5-92, Connelly 8, Trollope 3

Crawford 2-16 off 3.

Should get 2 more overs before tea. Then again, BUCCS are bowling, so probably only one.

37th over: 5-92, Connelly 8, Trollope 3

McDermott 1-14 off 13.

Crawford to bowl last over before tea.

Grant Connelly out, another caught and bowled to Crawford.

And that's an early tea following the wicket of Connelly.

Square now 6-92 in the 38th over.

Connelly made 8 off 18.

Liam Smith should be the new batsman after tea.

Crawford now has 3-16 in his fifth over.

BUCCS have the game by the scruff of the neck now.

Since 1:40pm, Square has lost 5-33, with Crawford taking 3 of those wickets.

Todays scorecard:

J. Lalor c H. Behrens b L. McDermott 27

S. Johnson c H. Donegan b N. Crawford 13

J. Higgins lbw M. Smalley 13

T. Wood run out (B. Gunn) 13

J. Johnson c and b N. Crawford 5

G. Connelly c and b N. Crawford 8

S. Trollope not out 3

Bowling: M. Podosky 0-16, B. Perrin 0-13, M. Smaley 1-23, L. McDermott 1-14, N. Crawford 3-16 

​Certainly looking like a BUCCS flag at this stage.

​Liam Smith new batsman in after tea.

38th over: 6-92, Trollope 3, Smith 0

Crawford 3-16 off 5.

40th over: 6-92, Trollope 3, Smith 0

Podosky 0-20 off 7

Running into a few technical problems here at the moment. Hopefully, we'll get through.

Trollope up to 9.

Break in play at the moment. Some drama going on. Looks like people walking behind wicket causing the hold up.

See earlier comments re: sight screen needed next year.

Square 6-98.

41st over: 6-98, Trollope 9, Smith 0

Podosky 0-22 off 8.

Smith off the mark with nice drive off Crawford.

100 up for Square in the 42nd over.

Took BUCCS 37 overs to get to 100 yesterday.

Bysouth, Baird and Clutton the remaining Square batsmen still in the shed.

42nd over: 6-102, Trollope 10, Smith 3

Crawford 3-20 off 7.

Couple of short balls from Podosky to Trollope.

Liam Smith out lbw to Miggy Podosky.

Square now 7-103 as BUCCS edge closer to the flag.

Smith made 3 off 14.

Podosky's first wicket. Square 7-103 in 43rd over.

Luke Baird next batsmen in to join Trollope.

Square now lost 6-44 since they had been 1-59.

Earlier, McDermott's spell was 1-14 off 13 overs. He was only scored off eight balls.

Crawford continues for BUCCS. He'll be eyeing off a 5-for. Already done it 3 times this season.

44th over: 7-204, Trollope 12, Baird 0

Crawford 3-21 off 8.

Trollope cuts Podosky for 4.

Trollope a big hitter. Can he get going this afternoon and get enough support from the tail to give Square a chance?

Trollope out, c Behrens at deep square leg off Podosky.

Trollope out for 16. Square 8-108 in the 45th over.

Podosky now has 2-27.

Jamie Bysouth now in for Golden Square at 8-110.

45th over: 8-110, Baird 2, Bysouth 0

Podosky 2-29

Square now lost 7-51 since were 1-59 in the 26th over.

Bysouth is a more than handy No.10 bat. Made 190-odd in a seconds game a few years ago.

46th over: 8-116, Bysouth 6, Baird 2

Crawford 3-27

Podosky to continue in front of a good QEO crowd.

47th over: 8-118, Bysouth 6, Baird 4

Podosky 2-31 off 11.

4 best players in the grand final have been BUCCS players: Pinniger, Crawford, Gunn, McDermott.

United well on track to beat Emu Creek in EVCA grand final.

Baird out, c Perrin b Crtawford for 4

Square now 9-119.

48th over: 9-119, Bysouth 7, Clutton 0

Crawford 4-28 off 10.

1 wicket to get for Bendigo United to win the flag.

Bysouth and Darren Clutton at crease for Square.

Can Crawford take the last wicket to finish with a five-for.

49th over: 9-119, Bysouth 7, Clutton 0

Podosky 2-31 off 12.

Crawford to continue chasing that fifth wicket.

He took 6-for against Square in the 2007 grand final.


Bysouth last wicket to fall, brilliantly caught in outfield by Di Fede off Crawford.

Crawford takes his fifth wicket.

Square all out for 119 in the 50th over.

BUCCS win by 164 runs.

Crawford 5-28 off 10.1 overs turned the game today.

Pinniger Taylor Walsh Medal for best player.

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