Cafe Thirty8 backs quest

CAFE THIRTY8 are getting on board Courtney's Quest, with owner Jenny Jones encouraging staff to register as organ donors.

Ms Jones said she was moved to sign up because her son Craig died in a car accident in 1995, aged just 18, and due to the circumstances of his death his organs weren't able to be donated - a fact that always saddened Ms Jones.

"I remember being sad about that, thinking 'what a waste'," she says.

I love the idea of businesses encouraging staff to sign up. - Jenny Jones

"I would have found it comforting if we could have donated his organs."

When Ms Jones heard about Courtney's Quest she thought it was a terrific idea, especially the concept of co-workers signing up together.

"I love the idea of businesses encouraging staff to sign up," she said.

"It's a way you can help the community."

Ms Jones employs two full-time staff and six casuals, but she's yet to run the idea by all of them.

Business owner encourages staff to register after losing son

Ms Jones said her family were all supportive of her decision and her daughter was a registered organ donor as well.

Cafe Thirty8 staff member Naomi Bawles said she would be signing up.

"Why not?" she said.

"I'm not going to have any other use for them."

Courtney's Quest has been launched in honour of Courtney Keast, who lost her life after a boating accident at Lake Eppalock in January this year.

She saved four lives by donating her organs. 

The campaign has attracted 50 new donors so far.

A group of Bendigo Advertiser staff signed up on Thursday after discussing the issue with partners and family. 

'It was encouraging that many Bendigo Advertiser staff were already registered organ donors,'' editor Rod Case said.

''Then to see more staff signing up on Thursday showed great community spirit. This is such an important issue. 

''We see every new person who signs up during Courtney's Quest as a win for organ donation in Australia.

''We hope that provides encouragement to all those waiting for an organ transplant and to the Keast family, who have been so brave in starting their journey to raise organ donation awareness in honour of Courtney."

If your business decides to support Courtney's Quest, please contact the Bendigo Advertiser by email at

Anyone lodging a form as a new organ donor in support of Courtney's Quest can go to and register on our official pledge book.

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