Finding jobs for disabled people

DISABILITY social enterprise Radius is introducing new methods to help its clients find jobs.

Radius chief executive Cath McDonald said her organisation had struggled to find sustainable jobs for people with disabilities in the past, but was now focusing on teaching them transferable life skills.

"Our success rate hasn't been terribly high but it is improving and we're confident it will improve further," Ms McDonald said.

She said her organisation could provide funding and training to workplaces that employed people with disabilities.

She also said Radius provided ongoing support to people with disabilities to help them cope in the workforce.

"It's about providing them with enough support and we can help them if they're not coping," she said.

As the government rolls out the NDIS, Ms McDonald said now was a good time to introduce mandatory quotas for people with disabilities in the workforce.

She said examples of life skills her organisation was teaching clients with intellectual disabilities included how to manage their money and how to apply for a bank loan.

Many were also completing Certificate I courses, learning how to perform in a job interview and other practical workplace skills.

Chevonne Straunch, 23, is a Radius client and worker who has been making full use of the organisation's educational opportunities.

Ms Straunch has been working as a machinist at Radius for six years, making bags and aprons that are sold at Calico Country.

This year she has also been completing her Certificate I in workplace education, learning about occupational health and safety and time and money management.

"I learn about all the workplace hazards and how to lift boxes correctly," she said.

Ms Straunch said she loved working at Radius but her ultimate dream was to work in aged care.

She said Radius would try to help her reach that goal.

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