EVCA Grand Final - United v Emu Creek

Preview of this weekend's Emu Valley Cricket Association grand final between United and Emu Creek at Club Court.


ÚNITED must overcome its bogey side if it’s to win its first Emu Valley Cricket Association premiership since 2007 when it takes on Emu Creek in this weekend’s grand final at Club Court.

The Tigers have lost just two games for the season, but both were against the Emus, who also defeated United in a semi-final last year.

The Tigers finished on top of the ladder and have had no shortage of batting practice in recent weeks, having scored a combined 1132 runs in their past three matches, including 437 in their semi-final draw against West Bendigo last week.

Tim Elliott (543 runs), Andrew Gaul (446) and Andrew Collins (442) have led the powerful United batting all season, while Gaul (23 wickets) and Alex Collins (18) have taken the bulk of the wickets.

CAPTAIN’S COMMENTS - “We’ve lost to Emu Creek three times in a row, so they have been our stumbling block.

“They tend to step up against us and between the two sides there’s eight Bridgewater premiership players, so those old rivalries seem to come out.

“If we can bat to our potential in a situation where there’s a lot expected, hopefully, that will see us through.” - Forbes Klemm.


Forbes Klemm (c) (271 runs)

Alex Collins (235 runs, 18 wickets)

Andrew Collins (442 runs)

Brenton Dillon (51 runs, 6 wickets)

Tim Elliott (543 runs)

Josh Filo (296 runs, 11 wickets)

Michael Frilay (163 runs, 2 wickets)

Andrew Gaul (446 runs, 23 wickets)

Patrick Hartney (14 runs)

Luke Kairn (289 runs, 6 wickets)

Josh White (253 runs, 3 wickets)


Rd 1: 8-287 d West Bendigo 7-276 

Rd 2: 258 d Golden Gully 9-231 

Rd 3: 198 lt Emu Creek 224 

Rd 4: 4-161 d Maiden Gully 155 & 126 

Rd 5: 296 d Mandurang 180 

Rd 6: 9-397 d Axe Creek 257 

Rd 7: 5-297 d Spring Gully 153 

Rd 8: 117 lt Emu Creek 8-175 

Rd 9: 272 d Sedgwick 181 & 3-72 

Rd 10: 0-0 dr Spring Gully 0-0 

Rd 11: 6-291 dr West Bendigo 4-223 

Rd 12: 204 & 7-200 d Marong 117

Semi: 437 dr West Bendigo 0-0


EMU Creek will chase back-to-back flags when it clashes with United in the Emu Valley Cricket Association grand final.

A year after defeating Mandurang by four wickets, the Emus are back on the big stage after defeating Golden Gully by 72 runs in their semi-final last week. 

Captain Daniel Chamberlain (537 runs) and all-rounder Simon Marwood (497) have been the two standout batsmen for the Emus all season, while Shaun Cattanach (406) enters the grand final in good form with 244 runs in his past four innings.

Marwood (32) has also been lethal with the ball this season, and together with fellow opener Anthony Collins (34), they have combined for 66 wickets. 

CAPTAIN’S COMMENTS - “It’s going to be one of those really tough contests over the two days.

“They bat deep, we bat deep and we have both got some fairly handy bowlers.

“We seem to lift against the better sides and it’s nice to say we’ve beaten them the past three times we’ve played, but coming into the weekend that doesn’t mean anything now.

“If we can go back-to-back, it would be great for the club.” - Daniel Chamberlain.


Daniel Chamberlain (c) (537 runs, 12 wickets)

Leigh Byrne (42 runs, 1 wicket)

Shaun Cattanach (406 runs)

Anthony Collins (27 runs, 34 wickets)

Tim Croke (101 runs, 4 wickets)

Shane Hamilton (357 runs, 8 wickets)

Andrew Harris (88 runs, 4 wickets)

Tim Hobbs (240 runs)

Simon Marwood (497 runs, 32 wickets)

Brad Rowe (294 runs)

Lucas Ruiden (51 runs, 2 wickets)


Rd 1: 9-216 d Mandurang 6-208. 

Rd 2: 7-520 d Axe Creek 217.

Rd 3: 224 d United 198. 

Rd 4: 169 & 8-209 d West Bendigo 152. 

Rd 5: 224 d Golden Gully 143 & 2-54.

Rd 6: 209 lt Spring Gully 220 & 5-83. 

Rd 7: 172 lt Marong 8-190. 

Rd 8: 8-175 d United 117. 

Rd 9: 8-337 d Mandurang 257. 

Rd 10: 0-0 dr Marong 0-0. 

Rd 11: 244 lt Sedgwick 252. 

Rd 12: 251 d Maiden Gully 215. 

Semi: 5-205 d Golden Gully 133.

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