Accused blames girlfriend for drugs

AN ALLEGED ice and marijuana dealer and thief says drugs found at his property belonged to his girlfriend.

Raymond Schembri, 42, faced Bendigo Magistrates Court on Thursday following a raid on his Elphinstone home Wednesday.

The court heard two shopping bags of cannabis – one with 12 individual snap lock bags – were found on Schembri’s bed, 15 grams of ice in his bathroom and 12 grams of ice in a vehicle on the property.

Police also found seven motorbikes, four quad bikes, a ride-on mower, trailers, and other property allegedly stolen worth between $100,000 and $150,000.

Police also found a gun wrapped in a plastic bag, the court heard.

Informant Sergeant Tony Kekich told the court Schembri had a “quite extensive” criminal history and had been on $100,000 bail over drug trafficking, proceeds of crime and weapons charges when arrested.

Magistrate David Faram asked if the new allegations occurred shortly after bail had been granted, to which Sergeant Kekich replied “absolutely”.

CCTV images of a hay theft two days prior to his arrest were “100 per cent” Schembri, Sergeant Kekich told the court.

Schembri, who represented himself, told the magistrate he was innocent.

 “I didn’t do it your honour,” he said.

“I’ve got kids at home I’ve got to look after.

“That was my girlfriend’s stuff that was in the bathroom.

“I haven’t had drugs for more than two years your honour.”

Schembri said people present at his home during the police raid “owned the stuff” and said he had auction receipts for the property.

"I've just been the one who's been held in custody where the other people did not get questioned like I did, they got released," he said. 

The father of four said a substance found in the car was “horse medication for arthritis”.

Mr Faram remanded Schembri to re-appear in court April 17, to which Mr Schembri said “can I appeal that your honour?” 

"Get some legal advice Mr Schembri if that's what you need," the magistrate replied. 

Schembri is facing seven charges including trafficking and possessing methamphetamine and cannabis, possessing an unregistered and controlled weapon and stealing hay. 

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