Cath part of red balloon idea

Cath Rankin

CATH Rankin thought National Red Balloon Day was such a terrific initiative she had to be part of it. 

The graphic designer said she became a red balloon day committee member after seeing a post on social media. 

"Someone invited me to the Facebook page event," she said. 

"I went and read about it, and thought it was a really fantastic idea to honour the firies.

"Given that I run Little Rascals Design, I asked if they needed help with the logo and it (transpired) from there." 

Mrs Rankin was given the responsibility of designing the website, poster graphics, logos, images, project documentation and information. 

She said she was pleased with the way the national campaign had turned out. 

"There has been a fantastic response from the community, general public and the country," she said.

"It makes you feel really good that you are not the only person out there who wants to thank these guys for what they do.

"When one person like Jodie has a thought, then a few others get on board and then the country, it is amazing.

"We are really happy with it." 

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