Good morning Bendigo - 20.03.14

Good morning Bendigo! Today is the United Nations International Day of Happiness so put a smile on your dile and have a great day!

The Bendigo Advertiser is celebrating all things happy on a blog throughout the day and we are after your input. 

Take a photo of something, someone or somewhere that makes you happy and send it to or use the hashtag #bgohappy when using Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. 

We will look forward to seeing your photos!


Sunny with a top of 30 degrees. Full weather report here


No reported delays but there are changes for Swan Hill passengers.

V/Line Bendigo Line ‏@vline_bendigo has tweeted: Swan Hill - SCS service is cancelled and replaced by coaches, due to a train fault. #vline


Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: relatives protest at press conference

Kuala Lumpur: Investigators revealed they are trying to recover data deleted from a flight simulator custom-built by the senior pilot of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370, as tempers flared outside a daily media briefing on the disappearance.

Police said that veteran pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah had deleted logs on the simulator on February 3, almost five weeks before the plane with 239 people on board disappeared on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Outside the briefing Chinese relatives of passengers unfurled a banner criticising Malaysia’s handling of the search and investigation into the missing plane.

Cyclist-dooring man 'not proud' of reaction

The man who faces possible charges after opening a taxi door in the path of a cyclist on Monday says the collision was not his fault but he regrets behaving belligerently after the incident.

Jeff Hunter, 65, from Brighton, was caught on film knocking a woman off her bicycle then refusing to give his name, instead walking away and insulting the woman, calling her a "fool" and saying "the way people like you ride around is disgusting"


A snail can sleep for three years.


Happy birthday to all those celebrating out there!

You share a birthday with David Malouf, Australian author; Jerry Reed, US singer (1937-2008); Brian Mulroney, Canadian politician; Dean Geyer, South African-born Australian singer and actor; Ruby Rose Langenheim, Australian VJ; Catherine McNeil, Australian model.


1602 - Dutch East India Company is established. During its 96-year history it became one of the world's most powerful companies.

1846 - The foundation stone of Melbourne's Princes Bridge is laid.

1945 - Death of Lord Alfred Bruce Douglas, British editor and poet, whose close association with Oscar Wilde eventually led to the Irish writer's imprisonment for homosexual practices.

1976 - US newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst is found guilty of armed robbery for her part in a 1974 San Francisco bank holdup.

1997 - The Swiss National Bank confirms it helped other neutral European countries buy millions of dollars worth of Nazi gold during World War II; Liggett Group, the maker of Chesterfield cigarettes, settles 22 state lawsuits in the US by agreeing to warn on every pack that smoking is addictive and admitting the industry markets cigarettes to teenagers.

2002 - Special US prosecutor Robert Ray concludes in his final Whitewater report that former US President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Rodham Clinton's land venture benefited from criminal transactions but says there is insufficient evidence to prove them guilty of wrongdoing.

2012 - Residents of an Afghan village near where an American soldier is alleged to have killed 16 civilians are convinced the slayings were in retaliation for a roadside bomb attack on US forces in the same area a few days earlier.


A husband and wife are in church. The preacher notices that the husband has fallen asleep and says to the wife, “Wake your husband up!” The wife answers, “You're the one who made him fall asleep, you wake him up!”

Have a great day, Bendigo!


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