Cyclist hits car in Kangaroo Flat

A CYCLIST was lucky not to sustain serious injuries when his bike ran into the side of a car in High Street, Kangaroo Flat Wednesday morning.

Leading Senior Constable Todd Deary said the 13-year-old cyclist was riding on the footpath near the Apco service station when he tried to cross the four-lane road.

He hit the side of a Toyota and fell off his bike, sustaining minor cuts and bruises.

The cyclist was wearing a helmet.

"The bike has ridden into the side of the car," Leading Senior Constable Deary said.

"He just has a few scrapes. It was very lucky he hit the side of the car and hasn't gone in front of it.

"It could have been very different."

Leading Senior Constable Deary said as the cyclist is under 14, he cannot be issued with an infringement notice.

The driver received no injuries and his car was undamaged.

Police advise cyclists to be aware of pedestrians and drivers as well as to wear bright or reflective clothing to make them more visible.

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