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Rolling Stones postpone Australian tour as Mick Jagger struggles with L'Wren Scott's death

The Rolling Stones have postponed their Australian tour, with grief-stricken frontman Mick Jagger posting a heartfelt statement expressing his difficulty dealing with the suicide of his partner, L'Wren Scott, on Monday.

The band confirmed the tour would not go ahead on its website, posting the following statement: ‘‘The Rolling Stones are deeply sorry and disappointed to announce the postponement of the rest of their 14 ON FIRE tour of Australia and New Zealand following the death of L’Wren Scott.

‘‘Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood wish to thank all of their fans for their support at this difficult time and hope that they will fully understand the reason for this announcement."

After midnight Perth time Jagger posted a deeply personal statement on his own Facebook page.

Malaysia Airlines missing jet: Thailand gives radar data 10 days after plane lost

Bangkok: Thailand's military said on Tuesday that its radar detected a plane that may have been Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 just minutes after the jetliner's communications went down, and that it didn't share the information with Malaysia earlier because it wasn't specifically asked for it.

A twisting flight path described on Tuesday by Thai air force spokesman Air Vice Marshal Montol Suchookorn took the plane to the Strait of Malacca, which is where Malaysian radar tracked Flight 370 early March 8. But Montol said the Thai military doesn't know whether it detected the same plane.

Thailand's failure to quickly share possible information regarding the fate of the plane, and the 239 people aboard it, may not substantially change what Malaysian officials know, but it raises questions about the degree to which some countries are sharing their defence information, even in the name of an urgent and mind-bending aviation mystery.


If today is your big day, happy birthday! 

You share a birthday with actors Glenn Close (1947) and Bruce Willis (1955). Also novelist Irving Wallace (1916), and John Sirica, the judge who presided over the Watergate trials and hearings (1904).


1790 - Supply ship HMS Sirius, one of the vessels in the First Fleet to Australia, is wrecked on Norfolk Island en route to pick up supplies.

1859 - The opera Faust by Charles Gounod premieres in Paris.

1918 - US Congress establishes daylight-saving time as a fuel-saving measure during World War I.

1944 - In World War II, under pressure from Hitler, Hungary appoints a pro-Nazi government and German troops move into the country.

1945 - About 800 people are killed as Japanese kamikaze pilots attack the US carrier Franklin off Japan; Adolf Hitler issues his so-called Nero Decree, ordering the destruction of German facilities that could fall into Allied hands.

1972 - A Treaty of friendship and mutual defence is signed between India and Bangladesh.

1976 - Buckingham Palace announces separation of Princess Margaret and Earl of Snowdon after 16 years of marriage.

1987 - US TV evangelist Jim Bakker resigns as chairman of his PTL ministry organisation amid a sex-and-money scandal.

1995 - Finnish voters throw out the centre-right coalition government and give the opposition Social Democratic Party its biggest election victory since World War II; Queen Elizabeth II starts a historic state visit to post-apartheid South Africa.

1998 - Completing US baseball's transformation from family ownership to corporate control, Rupert Murdoch's Fox Group wins approval to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers for a record $US350 million.

2002 - Zimbabwe is suspended from the Commonwealth for one year.

2011 - Prince William arrives in Australia for a three-day tour of flood and cyclone damaged regions in Queensland and Victoria; The US fires more than 100 cruise missiles from the sea while French fighter jets target Moammar Gaddafi's forces from the air, launching the broadest international military effort since the Iraq war in support of an uprising that had seemed on the verge of defeat.


Q: Why didn't the man report his stolen credit card?

A: The thief was spending less then his wife.

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