Loving being connected

SIGNING up to the National Broadband Network is a decision the Coff family don't regret.

Mother Kathryn Coff says that the family, who live on a farm just outside Harcourt, made the switch eight months ago and it's made the world of difference to their lives.

She said before signing up to the NBN the family's internet was so slow that watching a YouTube video or going on Skype was near impossible.

"You'd sit there and you'd see the thing spinning and spinning; it was so frustrating," Mrs Coff says.

"Our use of the internet until the NBN came along was really very little."

But since making the switch, the Coffs have been able to make full use of their smart TV, Skype their friends regularly and Mrs Coff is better able to study for her Diploma of Education.

"We can't imagine not having the NBN now," Mrs Coff says. "We all absolutely love it and it's made such a difference!"

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