VIDEO: It's a different world below your feet

NEWS: Costerfield mine life extended

On Monday I was given a no-holes-barred tour of Mandalay Resources' Augusta mine at Costerfield and it turned into a visual feast for this video journalist.

Up until then my underground experience had been limited to filming stories at the Central Deborah and exploring old tunnels at Chewton with my dare devil wife.

It would be an understatement to say that what I saw at Costerfield was worlds away from anything I had experienced.

No two ways about it, it's a very big tunnel that goes a very long way into the ground.

But it wasn`t just the mine that impressed me, the miners and support staff welcomed me into their world and went to great lengths to explain the entire process.

The enthusiasm and passion shown for the job was impressive to say the least. One young geologist from a farming family told me that he had followed his sister into the industry and that he enjoyed being underground with "all the shiny rocks".

The level of safety was equally impressive. At no time during the five hours that I spent underground did I feel at all unsafe. These are men and women with families waiting at home and workplace safety is paramount.

See the video below.

VIDEO: Leigh Sharp

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