Mitch's family blown away by support

THE support behind Mitch Bourke and his autism walk has blown the family away.

Mitch's Autie Walk saw the 12-year-old walk 20 kilometres from Epsom to Kangaroo Flat on Sunday and raised $26,000 to help fund an autism resource centre in Bendigo.

"It was a really good day," Mtich's mother Mychelle said.

"I had to hold him up because he was power walking through it, so we slowed him down and had a bit of fun at the park and put some stuff on Facebook.

"We also had a few chats with people on the way.

"The support blew me away."

With other events supporting Mitch's Autie Walk, the final tally won't be known until this weekend.

Support came from across the region with one man driving to Bendigo from Inglewood to donate $50.

"It was a fair distance and he did it because he wasn't sure how else to donate," Ms Bourke said.

Mitch's campaign has also been taken national with events being organised in other states of Australia.

When asked why people were so eager to get behind the campaign, Ms Bourke only had one word.

"Mitch," she said.

"I think everyone sees it in his eyes that he is talking the truth.

"He’s passionate and they can see he’s lived pain. They know that boy's not giving up."

Ms Bourke said it was the second major achievement in Mitch's life.

"He helped change the human rights act in school," she said.

"They're not allowed to restrain or lock children in a room.

"That happened after he told his story in front of a number of delegates. He did it in such a human way."

For more information visit the Mitch’s Autie Walk Facebook page.

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