Man steals from ex-girlfriend

A MAN stole thousands of dollars worth of goods from his ex-girlfriend after they broke up, a court has heard.

Luke Salvatore Morfea appeared before the Bendigo Magistrates Court on Monday over the 2012 incident.

The court heard Morfea had moved in with his then-girlfriend, but the relationship only lasted another week.

Morfea organised a time to collect his items from the home, but took his ex-partner's three piece lounge suite, 55-inch plasma television, queen bed, glass kettle and vacuum cleaner.

He sold the lounge suite to a friend in Kangaroo Flat for $500.

After being arrested, Morfea denied taking the items.

The man who bought the lounge suite did not say who he had bought it from. 

The 28-year-old Hazeldenes employee was also charged with driving with a cancelled licence in an unregistered vehicle with false licence plates.

The court heard Morfea had a long history of driving offences and had used the false plates to avoid being detected by police.

Defence lawyer Peter Baker argued his client had grown up since his late teens and early 20s when he committed several road offences.

One charge listed the value of the goods at $3563, but Mr Baker argued a lot of the stolen items were old and had declined in value.

Magistrate Richard Wright fined Morfe $1500 plus court costs and ordered he pay $838 restitution to his victim. 

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