Morcombe verdict is pure justice

ONE can only try to imagine the harrowing journey endured by the family of murder victim Daniel Morcombe through the past decade.

'Justice for my boy finally'.

That was the single line tweeted by Daniel's mother Denise Morcombe in the aftermath of the day in court which saw Brett Peter Cowan found guilty of brutally murdering her son.

What a courageous family.

The Morcombe family has stood bravely and done so much to raise awareness in the most horrendous decade of their lives.

As the family found some 'closure' with a jury delivering a guilty verdict, incredible details were finally made public about their son's killer.

The Morcombe family has stood bravely and done so much to raise awareness in the most horrendous decade of their lives.

Daniel Morcombe was not Brett Cowan's first victim.

He is a repeat offender who has abducted and sexually abused children before.

How do such people remain to move freely through the communities on which they prey?

It's a question society needs to answer - quickly.

Communities should be able to live without the fear of people such as Brett Cowan preying on vulnerable children.

It just can't happen.

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