Little legend Raz has first drink but still gravely ill

ORIGINAL STORY: Dog on life support after being mauled 

EDITORIAL: Pet owners must take responsibility

UPDATE: Ian Warhurst said the future was looking a little brighter for Raz on Thursday evening.

"When I saw him this morning he wasn't looking good, he was like a rag doll and I didn't think he would see the end of the day.

"But apparently he has stopped vomiting and has held down a drink.

"They are going to try and give him some food.

"I am hoping things might be looking better."

EARLIERTHE owner of a 22-year-old dog that was mauled by two Staffies on Wednesday said he was blown away by the community support following the attack.

Many people on Facebook have sent their well wishes to Ian Warhurst and even offered to help pay the vets bills.

Mr Warhurst said it was wonderful.

“It is really terrific,” he said.

“It is very hard on a pension; I don’t know what I would have done.

“But I have been told by the council that when the bill comes, I need to give it to them and they will start legal proceedings against the owners of the Staffies.

“I am grateful for the amount of people that have shown their concern.

“Raz was fairly well known in the neighbourhood.”

Mr Warhurst said he went to the vet this morning but it is not looking good for Raz.

“It is just a matter of time,” he said.

“They have got him on a drip with a needle in him and he was vomiting while I was there.

“He was very listless and he looked very sad.

“I was hoping me going would have lifted him, but it didn’t cheer me up.

“He is hanging in there.

“But I am just living one moment to another.

“It is fairly distressing.”                    

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