Community embracing library

Bendigo Library manager Vivien Newton is proud of how enthusiastically the community has embraced the renovations.

Since reopening, the Bendigo Library has increased its number of visitors by 26 per cent.

In 2012, library visits for February were 43,454. This year visits were 54,722 in the same month.

Loans from the library have increased by 7.5 per cent while membership has boomed with 1081 new members signing up this year.

"The difference is really in the people who use the building all day," Ms Newton said.

"Borrowings are up but more than 50 per cent of the people who come through the day are using the spaces."

Ms Newton said every study table in the building was constantly utilised and that the increase was across all demographics.

"It is from young through to old but there's always been children and parents and seniors," she said.

"We're noticing the middle-aged groups are here a lot, too."

Ms Newton said one of the most popular groups was "toddler time" with 70 toddlers and their parents visiting each Thursday.

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