Pet owners must take responsibility

THE sickening attack on 22-year-old 'little legend' Raz should have been avoided.

There is nothing to debate in regards to this issue.

The responsibility for pets sits squarely with the owner.

Dog owners must secure their animals properly.

They must take all appropriate measures to ensure their pets can't escape when not supervised and attack other dogs or people.

When out and about on the streets, it remains an owner's responsibility to ensure a dog is safely restrained so they can't harm others.

These things are part and parcel of being a pet owner.

If you have a pet, it's your duty to ensure they remain safe for all concerned.

The responsibility for pets sits squarely with the owner. Dog owners must secure their animals properly.

The City of Greater Bendigo is charged with enforcing laws surrounding animals and must also act responsibly each time an incident such as this occurs.

The proper penalties must be enforced to ensure people take pet responsibility seriously.

We read about far too many of these type of attacks today.

If everyone is accountable the number of such incidents will surely fall.

Everyone will be thrilled with that.

One is too many.

Good luck Raz.

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