Dog on life support after being mauled

UPDATE: Little Raz has first drink but still gravely ill

EDITORIAL: Pet owners must take responsibility

A 22-YEAR-OLD dog is on life support after being mauled by two Staffordshire bull terriers in Huntly.

Owner Ian Warhurst said his beloved pure white maltese, Raz was outside their home when the attack occurred on Wednesday.

“It is heartbreaking,” he said.

“This lady came in screaming saying she had seen two staffies taking him up the road.

“Raz was bleeding quite a lot, they had got his chest and his head and his arm.

“He had a glassy eye and his tongue was out and I thought, that’s it. But I patted him and I felt a pulse so we drove him to the vet.

“He was a mess. He went into convulsions.

“It is as bad as losing one of the family after all these years. He was about 18 months old when I got him.

“Not many last that long, he is a legend. He doesn’t deserve to go this way.”

Mr Warhurst said this was not the first time the dogs had attacked Raz.

“A week before Christmas, Raz was lying next to me in his favourite spot when there was a bang and the same two dogs shot in like bullets and I saw one going straight for his throat.

“They came right in the house. I grabbed the collar and threw one out and they took off across the road and attacked another dog.

“The ranger said all they could do was report them for loitering. I have been worried ever since they would come back. They are a dangerous pair of dogs.”

Mr Warhurst said animal control had told him the dogs would be euthanized.

“That is some good news but I am still waiting for news about Raz,” he said.

Vet Sue Collins said Raz was in a serious condition and was on a drip.

“If he gets through to tomorrow morning his situation will improve, but we are just waiting." 

City of Greater Bendigo parking and animal control manager Neville Zimmer said they were aware of the incident.

“Officers have spoken to both parties involved and are collecting further information to be considered as part of an ongoing investigation.”

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