Boy tries to cut welfare staff: court

A 12-YEAR-OLD boy threatened staff with a Stanley knife and scissors at a Victorian welfare agency, a Children’s Court heard on Tuesday.

The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is accused of threatening  to “cut (staff) up” and kill them in an incident on Monday.

The court heard the child had pushed past staff and grabbed the knife and scissors before turning on staff and swinging at them. 

Prosecutor Tony Graham said the boy was due to face 36 charges in court next Thursday including making threats to kill, burglary, car theft, criminal damage and threatening to inflict serious injuries.

Leading Senior Constable Graham said the boy was a “high-risk offender, troubled youth with no regard for the law.”

“He advised the informant he knew it was wrong, he didn’t care,” he said.

Staff at the welfare centre feared for their lives and were scared of what the boy could do if he returned, Leading Senior Constable Graham said.

The court heard the youth drank alcohol, smoked marijuana and chromed inhalants.

Defence lawyer Alex McLennan said it was a “very concerning matter”.

A therapeutic case care manager said welfare staff had the child’s “best interests at heart” but needed to work out a transition plan given his ongoing problems.

Magistrate David Faram said asked what that plan might look like.

“We need to time build up a relationship with him, go away with him, do some camping, do some things to build up that rapport,” the welfare worker replied.

“He’s assaulted staff, chroming ... all sorts of difficulties.”

Mr Faram asked how the boy “finds himself in a secure area and he’s able to access a Stanley knife and scissors”.

The welfare employee said he was responsible for a separate branch of the agency. 

The magistrate bailed the youth to re-appear before court on March 20 and ordered he reside at a secure property as directed by the DHS with a curfew. 

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