Something needs to be done: resident

ONE resident says it's devastating that nothing was done to limit the risks surrounding a stretch of road that has now claimed a woman's life. 

Kennington's Hunter Gill said he had spoken to VicRoads about the "dangerous" Fogarty's Gap Road intersection with the Calder Highway just days before a woman was killed in a collision. 

A 79-year-old woman driver from Cowes died when she failed to give way and hit a Nissan ute at the intersection. 

​The stretch of road is only kilometres from the Ravenswood interchange, which was recently reduced from 100km/h to 80km/h. 

Mr Gill said it was frustrating that someone had to die before changes were made. 

"I was both angry and saddened to hear of the fatality yesterday - it was only last week that I was on radio calling for a speed limit reduction," he said. 

"Police have been calling for this stretch of road to be reduced in speed limit for some years and it seems like it takes a fatality to get this to occur.

"There isn't the history of serious crashes there, there hadn't been any fatalities, and that's why VicRoads haven't done anything about it."

VicRoads disagreed, saying measures had been taken to reduce risk at the intersection. 

"Since 2010, safety improvements such as line-making changes and extra signage have been implemented at the site, including highly visible electronic warning signs," a VicRoads spokeswoman said. 

It was only last week that I was calling for a speed limit reduction. - Hunter Gill

"After the warning signage was upgraded in November 2010, (apart from the recent crash) there has been one other casualty crash at the intersection."

She said any further comment would be inappropriate, pending the investigation. 

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