Police appalled with motorist attitudes towards delay

POLICE are appalled by the behaviour of motorists delayed on the Calder Freeway as emergency services worked to control a grassfire on Monday.  

NEWS: Car engulfed in flames, sparks bushfire

The freeway was closed for a short period of time and north-bound traffic reduced to one lane near Metcalfe-Taradale Road, after a Toyota Camry caught alight and sparked a bushfire. 

Malmsbury police Senior Constable Robert Sheridan said most motorists were understanding of the circumstances causing the delay.

He said it was only a select few who thought they had the right to abuse volunteers. 

"They think they have the right to be abusive to the emergency services," he said. 

"Volunteers should not have to be subjected to that kind of abuse.

"We are appalled with the behaviour of some of the motorists.

"A great percentage of the public were really good.

"It is the minority who think they have the right to drive down the road and do as they please."

Senior Constable Sheridan said it was the impatient drivers who contributed to the road toll. 

"They have no regard for volunteers and no regard for road rules," he said. 

"This is not the sort of thing we want to deal with during an emergency.

"It's very frustrating." 

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