Celebrating Love Your Sister's great success

SAMUEL and Connie Johnson were in Bendigo on Saturday night for the Love Your Sister cocktail party.

The party was held to celebrate Samuel’s achievement of raising $1.4 million for breast cancer research by riding a unicycle around Australia.

It also helped raise further funds to breast cancer research through profits from ticket sales and auction items.

Mr Johnson expressed his gratitude to the Bendigo Bank and Bendigo residents.

“The event quite simply wouldn’t have stood a chance without the Bendigo Bank,” he said.

“Without the Bendigo Bank my benefactor wouldn’t have allowed me to pull the trigger on this.”

He said the party represented a chance to “say thanks and celebrate a year of milestones”.

“I’m looking forward to see my sister take the stage on International Women’s Day,” he said.

Mr Johnson said he was excited about getting back to work raising funds for breast cancer research.

“The eight to 10 hours I spent on a unicycle each day can now be spent more actively working towards a cure,” he said.

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